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  • - filter & browse Netflix instant movies with Rotten Tomatoe’s Tomatometer
  • - connect actors by the movies they’ve acted in together
  • - find the differences between different releases of the same movie
  • - a database of tons of movie scripts!
  • - attempt to identify movies by the screenshot of one scene alone
  • - check if something’s streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon, Crackle, Blockbuster, YouTuber, Redbox, or iTunes with one click!
  • doesthedogdie.comranks films based on whether the dog/pet in them dies, so you can watch without covering your eyes.
  • - a tumblr blog full of movie quotes, scenes, facts, news, trailers and everything else movies!

I’ll give it to you you earned my follow after this. Much love to the growing movie community on tumblr!

I’m so excited thank the tumblr gods for making movie


Eternal Darkness - Sanity Effects Part 3

  1. Statues will follow you as you walk by
  2. Bugs crawl across the screen
  3. Previously unlocked doors will be locked several times before letting you through
  4. Books will float across the library
  5. Zombies that are not supposed to be in a room will appear (they die after one hit)
  6. Your character will shoot the TV screen


Eternal Darkness - Sanity Effects Part 5

  1. Your character becomes a zombie
  2. Your character’s head falls off and when you pick it up, they recite  Hamlet
  3. When casting a healing spell, your character explodes
  4. When entering a room, you will be ambushed by zombies
  5. Max accidentally shoots himself while reloading
  6. Alex receives a call from her dead grandfather
  7. Your character is transported to a different time period
  8. Alex finds a dead servant hanging from the ceiling
  9. Max sees himself locked in a padded cell
  10. Alex finds herself dead in the bathtub